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Non-sticky With a non-sticky texture, this serum gives your hair a subtle shine that makes it look healthy and nutritious.

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I try so many different products in any given year I often have dozens of shampoos, conditioners, detanglers and styling products stacked up in my shower, on the rim around the bathtub, on the floor outside the shower and under the sink. Sometimes I’ll use a product just once and decide it just won’t work for my hair type, texture, condition and length.Although they are not easily available in the market, there are salons which have specific serums for chemically treated hair, coloured hair etc. Hair Product Expiration Guidelines Do you know what’s lurking in your hair care shelves in your bathroom?Worst worst quality i can assure its a duplicate product... The liquid does transform your hair from dull and rough to shiny and manageable in a matter of seconds! Unlike coconut oil, which penetrates the cuticle and makes changes to the hair structure temporarily, hair serum, which is silicon based only coats the surface of your hair.

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