Dating long distance and visitng

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After my grandma passed away, my mom (her daughter) began finding dimes everywhere she went.Mom believed that her seeing the dimes was Gram’s way of reaching out and letting her know she’s okay and still with us in spirit.I also found a couple of dimes in the wake of Gram’s death and was sure that was her way of hugging me after her physical body no longer could.A couple of years later dimes started speaking to me in different ways.

If you want to see the Amalfi Coast in particular, we’ll take you there on our Pompeii & Amalfi Day Trip from Amalfi, most people—and guidebooks—have one big suggestion: Sorrento. And it’s convenient, especially with regards to the 5 must-see sights of the Amalfi coast. the chance to see and even stop in a couple of towns between Salerno and Amalfi Town that are completely missing from the guidebooks…

I walked in and started crying as I pulled off the sheets the was a dime on the bed. At tgat moment not only did I truly start to believe but I felt like I was being hugged.

I miss my uncle every day but with the “dime theory” I know he will always be with me giving me advice and guiding me.

They’re a stone’s throw from the historic center, so you can walk to them right from your hotel.

That also means that they’re close to Salerno’s more-industrial port, but hey: At least it’s a little more interesting than the cruise shops that populate Sorrento’s harbor.

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