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There is also an outdoor pool area open when weather permits, a sauna, a garden, a dining area with buffets and other facilities like a male-only non smoking relaxation room. The username and password are available at the front desk.

FKK Oase is filled with naked women from top to bottom.

After showering customers head back to their lockers to retrieve their provided cloth robe which serves as their only covering during their time in the club.

They can then head back upstairs to where the action is.

Further to the right is a flight of stairs that leads up to a hallway then down to a very large locker and wash room for the male customers to use.

The original meaning and history of this is interesting enough for the purposes of the review underway here it suffices to say that Oase is full of naked women selling sex to customers in white robes.

When customers enter they go through the usual procedure of stopping at the front desk to pay an admission fee and register. Those who tell the hostess that it is their first time in the club will be given an informational brochure and a brief overview of the club.

Those who have visited before will simply pay their 70 Euro entrance fee and receive a golden robe, a towel and a key to one of the many available lockers.

The women hail from all over the world with a few from Africa, South America and Asia appearing from time to time.

The bulk are women from the European Union with Romania and Moldova being most represented.

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