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Even Mayor Mellow gets into the swing, and orders the town to chill out, but their lowered guard leaves the town open to a pirate invasion.Song: "Nothing"Nothing bumps up a band's popularity like a mysterious disappearance!

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Corey gets the band a job as royal minstrels to a fake princess at a LARP game. If Grojband is going to get cred, they have to go straight, but they'll have to go thug first.Song: "Please Come Back"After Corey's voice starts cracking, Kin makes a helmet that "auto-tone" his voice, but (thanks to Trina) the helmet becomes evil and uses its laser to turn anything imperfect, perfect.Song: "Perfect"Grojband's first music video goes awry, as Trina watches it and her brain breaks.So Corey tells the news that Grojband has vanished, and plans to capitalize with a performance by hologram versions of the band.Song: "I'm Back"When Trina makes the town's water reservoir run dry, nobody can take showers anymore.

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