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I try to choose books which fit our class topics so I have made resources linked to books about space, Romans, Greeks, mountains and Victorians as well as some classic fiction books.

The books were made for KS2 and the difficulty of the questions is related to the complexity of the text, so if your pupils can read the text independently, you should find that the questions are pitched at a suitable level.

He remarks casually, that ‘This has been known to give other writers nose bleeds’.

This display also reveals his painstaking restructuring of the plot for , ‘impeccably plotted and intensely gripping’ also began in notebook form.

Noirwich This year’s crime writing exhibition, created to coincide with Noirwich, reveals the intricate planning behind some of our greatest contemporary crime novels, with material from Val Mc Dermid, Stuart Mac Bride and Robert Edric, author of a crime trilogy set in Hull, this year’s City of Culture.

Stuart Mac Bride predicts a nosebleed amongst fellow writers.

Jim is sad because his father's beloved fishing boat, the Sally May, is in desperate need of repair.

After Jim alerts the village to help save a beached dolphin, 'Smiler' returns whenever called to take Jim for a ride on his back out to sea.

A booklet of follow-up questions and activities to support guided reading.

I spend the first month feeling my way into the book, getting a sense of its world and learning its nooks and crannies.

Then it picks up pace and I can’t escape it.’ Robert Edric How does a literary novelist take on the challenge of writing crime fiction?

He has created a literal map to visualise his fictional town of , all the better to locate the murders and the distances between them.

What begins as an impressive tool evolves into something the Ordnance Survey would be proud of and is published within a subsequent novel.

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