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At Dogtopia of Elsmere, we’re known for our clean facility and our friendly staff who knows every canine client by name. w=419&h=314&crop&ssl=1" width="419" height="314" data-original-width="419" data-original-height="314" itemprop=" title="Christine Holm - Elsmere_In Store_16" alt="Abraham Walters and Buddy and Boca Felicia" style="width: 419px; height: 314px;" / Buddy and his sister Boca Felicia playing in the snow. Since August 2012, we’ve been offering dog daycare, boarding, training and spa services to the residents of Elsmere, Wilmington, Prices Corner, Greenville and Hockessin. For more information, check out what New Castle County Libraries have to offer or visit Please contact us and a library staff member will get back to you. Elsmere Library is located in the heart of the community, sharing space with the City of Elsmere and the Elsmere Senior Center.Can't find an item in our catalog and want to order it? The library offers a variety of materials and services including free computer classes and tax preparation; and also provides a variety of programs for all ages.Our lobby features a wide-variety of luxury/specialty dog products for sale, from Warren London Spa Supplies to Soggy Doggy dog beds to Amici Pet premium bully chews. w=179&h=269&crop&ssl=1" width="179" height="269" data-original-width="179" data-original-height="269" itemprop=" title="Christine Holm - Elsmere_In Store_05" alt="Bruce Telford the Lab" style="width: 179px; height: 269px;" / Holden Dougherty the Yorkie after just being groomed. We stock our doggy boutique with unique retail items; why opt for average, boring nylon leashes when you could have a leopard print leash and harness or collar combo from Mimi Green?

Please contact us for a free, no obligation tour of our facilities.

At Dogtopia of Elsmere, we realize that each dog is unique. w=392&h=295&crop&ssl=1" width="392" height="295" data-original-width="392" data-original-height="295" itemprop=" title="Christine Holm - Elmere_In Store_15 (1)" alt="2015 annual charity dog wash" style="width: 392px; height: 295px;" / Daizy Millis on Halloween 2015 as a little devil.

That is why we take the time find the daycare, boarding and spa package that will best meet both you and your dog’s needs. w=392&h=389&crop&ssl=1" width="392" height="389" data-original-width="392" data-original-height="389" itemprop=" title="Christine Holm - Elsmere_In Store_21" alt="Zena the Rottweiler and Herbie the Bulldog" style="width: 392px; height: 389px;" / Picture taken during 2015 annual charity dog wash benefiting Paws With A Cause.

Dogtopia of Elsmere has won The News Journal’s Reader’s Choice award for three consecutive years. w=358&h=269&crop&ssl=1" width="358" height="269" data-original-width="358" data-original-height="269" itemprop=" title="Tyson Browne the Terrier mix celebrating his birthday" alt="Tyson Browne the Terrier mix celebrating his birthday" style="width: 358px; height: 269px;" / Lucy Gillen the Shih Tzu sitting pretty after getting groomed for the holidays.

Dogtopia of Elsmere has three indoor playrooms offering a total of 6400 square feet of play space with specialized rubber flooring that’s designed to be easy on dogs’ paws and joints.

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