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A non-Mason insisted that Isaiah 14 is a chapter with a prophecy against the kings of Babylon, specifically Nebuchadnezzar.The quoted verse is rendered, in my Bible, "Day-star, son of the morning, how hast thou fallen?" In this passage, the prophet alleges that the arrogant king of Babylon has thought himself as glorious as a celestial body, but that the destruction of the kingdom of Babylon shall surely bring him back to earth.The word here translated as "day-star" is, in Hebrew, "heyleyl," and refers to the planet Venus.

This is one of the "ornaments" of a Lodge, introduced in the Entered Apprentice degree.It is easier to get out of Masonry than it is to get into it!Mostly out of ignorance and misinformation, although possibly out of fear of competition for time and attention with the church (churches have been suffering the same loss of active membership over the past few decades as has Freemasonry).That depends on what is meant by "cult." By some definitions, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism are cults.By another definition, golfing, bowling, and surfing the Internet are cults.

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