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“It seems that the chosen pairs, those 'love marriages,' invested more into reproduction, were more committed, more faithful, and more motivated to raise their family.” Such findings might point to an explanation of love’s evolutionary benefits, such as increased survival of young, she says.

Leaving the love question aside, it’s at least clear that the study suggests that females are choosing males based on how well the partners work together during parenting, says Michael Jennions, a behavioral ecologist at Australian National University in Canberra, who wasn’t involved in the study.

Although it is too early to tell how widespread this type of choice is in birds and the fairly few other groups of animals where there is biparental care, “it might be more common than we think,” he says.

Sit down with a fresh brew and savour the news: a ruling by the French competition authorities on September 4 means there are likely to be more alternative, cheaper coffee capsules that fit Nespresso machines in a supermarket near you. Nespresso was told to share information about its coffee machines so that rival firms could more easily make compatible coffee capsules or pods.

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Scientists have long been puzzled by female zebra finches.Welcome to what experts call the illusion of invulnerability — the belief that frauds happen to others but not you.Overconfidence in your ability to spot bad guys is a dangerous thing.Following the French ruling earlier this month, though, competition could heat up and costs fall even further. the consumer lobby group welcomed the development and said: "Buying capsules for Nespresso coffee machines could soon be cheaper." It explained the implications of the ruling, saying: "Nespresso will provide manufacturers of coffee capsules with technical information before implementing changes to their existing machines....and will also let rivals test their coffee pods on prototype Nespresso machines." What about my Nespresso machine: will it still be guaranteed if I use other types of pod? Most of the cheaper rival capsules, like those from Cafepod or Lidl's Bellarom, are plastic.

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