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This is not only because of the images, but because school-age children know the events they see on the news are real.

News reports about crime can upset them, and they might be especially worried about or afraid of death.

Children remember advertisements that use jingles or show fun and enjoyment.

They might start to link brands with excitement and happiness.

Media images and TV role models can shape the behaviour and attitudes of school-age children.

This is because children at this age are thinking about their identities.

Images of monsters, nasty animals or horrible faces can stay in their minds for a long time.

This can happen no matter what else is going on in the story or how likeable the characters are.

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They can also learn to recognise simple and colourful logos – this is the start of ‘brand loyalty’.

Preschoolers can also be scared when a normal-looking character transforms into an evil one, particularly if they see the character changing.

Scary images or scenes on the news can also have a big effect on preschoolers.

This can be a problem if they’re watching something violent.

On TV, characters often get better quickly after violence, but preschoolers don’t understand that this doesn’t always happen in real life.

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