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Instead, Ruzek was assigned to uniform duty at another district — a disheartening turn of events.

However, his fate changed in the final moments of Wednesday's episode when Rixton revealed that Ruzek's father had done him a favor on the force way back when and Rixton repaid it by leaving Intelligence so that Ruzek could tag back in.

So we're able to have a rejuvenated Ruzek come back into Intelligence and put the relationship aside, and focus on being a cop.

All the things that we love about what Patrick Flueger brings to the role, we're able to reset and re-embrace without any kind of lingering relationship questions or private conversations or doubts.

Bunny (Markie Post) is always around in terms of Lindsay and her life.

We definitely tease a little secret that at least Bunny's convinced of, in terms of perhaps the amount of intimacy she may have had with Voight.

It was just the latest game of musical chairs up at District 21, after the departure of Roman (Brian Geraghty) in the season-three finale, Mouse's (Samuel Hunt) departure, Antonio's (Jon Seda) decision to move to the State's Attorney office and Burgess' (Marina Squerciati) promotion to Intelligence — the latter which was sent Ruzek running to a mysterious undercover assignment in the first place.

So what will this new yet old Intelligence Unit look like, especially given Ruzek and Burgess' surprising kiss last week?

But here, Rixton ironically knew his dad and did him a favor, and Rixton does the right thing and bows out so Ruzek can take his place.Nick Wechsler did a great job for us, and it was almost timed to where the audience is thinking, ' Oh, Ruzek's not back the next episode, he's not back the second episode — he might be gone, gone.' So once they were hopefully lulled into believing that this character wasn't coming back and at the same time, lulled into really liking, after a bit of a rocky start, the Rixton character, just when Rixton is embraced by the unit and accepted by Burgess, here we have coming out of the shadows Ruzek now having come to terms with what he did and how much he missed Intelligence and wanting back in. We wanted to not take the easy route of making a big deal that he's leaving and then, indeed, he does not leave the next episode.What do you think that you and the writers got out of shaking up that dynamic now that you're writing for Ruzek again?'s Adam Ruzek (Patrick John Flueger) finally back for good on Intelligence?After a month spent on an undercover assignment, he returned in the previous episode only to find his spot on the unit had been filled by Hank Voight's (Jason Beghe) former protégé, Kenny Rixton (Nick Wechsler).

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