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This sandwich was featured in the PBS documentary Sandwiches That You Will Like in 2003 and will be featured in a book by artist Kelly Pratt to be released in 2016 called Stately Sandwiches as the sandwich chosen to represent the state of Missouri.It is usually only available in Chinese restaurants in the St. Paul sandwich can be found in many Chinese American restaurants in St.Louis, Missouri, as well as other cities in Missouri, including Columbia, Jefferson City, and Springfield.This is a bar where rock star mixologists can entertain you with exotic drink creations all night long. See young vixens come as a troop to score lady points.

Sprinkled throughout the lounge are the hipsters who probably ventured down from the Arts District in Northeast Minneapolis to breathe in the ambience. Saint Paul, MN 55101 (651) 222-3250 Barrio is young, loud and packed on Friday and Saturday night.

Located in the southwest quadrant of I-394 and Highway 100, West End was conceived as a pedestrian-friendly urban village, complete with shops and sidewalks. This small and unpretentious bar just up from Broadway on University Avenue attracts singles seeking social settings.

Developers are building upscale apartments across the north end with several hundred residential units opening this year. Don’t expect fancy food, just decent prices for a brew or two.

Best Twin Cities Bars For The 30-Something Crowd Robin Johnson was born in Annandale, Minn.

and graduated from Richfield High School and then the University of Minnesota where he studied Political Science, Business and Industrial Relations.

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