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However, around this time, FNN encountered serious financial difficulties.

After a protracted bidding war with a Dow Jones-Westinghouse Broadcasting consortium (the former's assets would be used to build a rival channel almost two decades later), With the full name "Consumer News and Business Channel" dropped, the network's daytime business programming was branded "CNBC/FNN Daytime," although this was phased out by 1992.

Meanwhile, former undercover agent Tam Foon-hei (portrayed by Hui Shiu-hung 許紹雄) avenges for the death of his wife by establishing his own triad organization, and goes head to head with Mr. There are new elements and styles to every installment.

Mobius (portrayed by Moses Chan 陳豪), the underworld’s most powerful leader. Following the same characters might not be a good thing.

Of course, we’re not going to add the twist for the sake of having a twist. Everything has to make sense.” The producer further added that is not going to be following the style of a “typical Hong Kong drama”. We’re going to take a step forward, and not talk about family at all.

“Hong Kong dramas likes to concentrate on the family a lot. It’s not like the characters don’t have a family, but you won’t get a scene with a bunch of characters sitting down on a dining table eating noodles.

“The writers and I love to twist things around,” said Producer So.

“Unless the show’s ending, I want it to be hard to guess.

It starred Michael Miu (苗僑偉) in the lead, with Raymond Lam (林峯) and Charmaine Sheh (佘詩曼) costarring as the missing undercovers.CNBC had considerable difficulty getting cable carriage at first, as many providers were skeptical of placing it alongside the longer-established Financial News Network.By the winter of 1990, CNBC was only in 17 million homes – less than half of FNN's potential reach – despite having the muscle of NBC standing behind it.The story starts off with the death of five Hong Kong undercovers in Thailand, and Cheuk Sir sets off on a mission to find the remaining five undercovers who went missing.To complete his mission, Cheuk Sir had to seek the trust of powerful figures in the underworld, becoming a “black cop”.

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