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Working on those things will be the most difficult challenge for most guys. If the call goes to voicemail, the message must be short and concise “This is Drew, we met at the meetup on Tuesday evening. If she doesn’t counter offer, you suggest an alternative time and place. If she says anything other than “yes” to a new plan, she’s probably not interested.

Expect more blog posts about those masculine elements. Here in South Florida, there are at least four ocean piers that are perfect for a weekend daytime date. Let’s meet at the Deerfield Beach pier this Sunday for a walk and a snack. Lengthy explanations can easily kill initial attraction. Your response should be “Well, get back to me when you know your schedule for the next couple of weeks.” She probably won’t be getting back to you.

the problem is ex husbands are already being bled white. Each time my buddies told me, i was once again led astray by a woman.

You would expect that the pro divorce lobby (nearly everyone) would be cheering... TIME i could have taken corrective action, i was lied to.

Katz is just using different and more commonly accepted term outside the Manosphere: “chemistry” Another email from Katz is almost revolutionary in regards to advice to his clients and potential clients: So what does it take to have a partner treat you like royalty? You can’t make a partner be as thoughtful and generous as you. Treat a guy well and he’s not going to go anywhere. Reverse this order by asking him out, initiating sex, asking for commitment, or proposing marriage, and a masculine guy will feel, well, emasculated.[Misandrists, please take note]By being a more supportive and accepting girlfriend, you actually bring a better side out in your man. Most men are used to women telling us what’s wrong with us. Thus, if you want a masculine guy, your greatest move is to embrace your passive feminine side.When we find someone who accentuates the positive and ignores the negative, we feel like a million bucks. The masculine attracts the feminine and the feminine attracts the masculine. Too much so for two generations of women who have voluntarily transformed themselves with masculine behaviors and attitudes.the moment he attempts to explain his ideal love, that’s the point at which his idealization becomes her obligation.The Lightswitch Effect: Women use emotion to define objective reality. where we gain strength...instead of having it pulled from us. to simply be with someone who can understand our basic humanity without begrudging it... For a female of any species to facilitate a methodology for breeding with the best genetic partner she’s able to attract AND to ensure her own and her offspring’s survival with the best provisioning partner; this is an evolutionary jackpot.

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